Adult Classes, Class

Art & Craft

FEE: $80

Not currently scheduled

* Kits of 1 hook and 1 yarn cake are included in the ticket price. Additional yarn cakes will be available from your Tutor

A class for beginners.

Crochet: Learn  how to chain, double and treble stitch crochet.  By the end of the course, students should be able to create their own granny square.


PICTURE FRAMING Basic DIY framing course                  

 Fee: $80.00                                 

Not Currently Scheduled

This is a class for the beginner. Items required:- Starter Kit (available from your tutor for $35.00) plus two 5’x 7’ photos, a sharp stanley knife, phillips head screwdriver, a ruler, pencil, eraser, glass cleaning cloth, newspaper, notebook and optional calculator and right angled set square. Please bring your lunch – tea and coffee will be available.  This class is a perfect complement to Digital Photography.

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