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Kid’s Classes

KIDS SPEECH AND DRAMA (Prep – Year 3, Year 4 – Year 6)

FEE: $120 – 8 Week Term


Dramatic arts helps students find their inner voice, giving children the opportunity to explore their emotions in a safe environment, free from judgement. They learn how important it is for them not only to express themselves but also to think about what they are saying before speaking, with the learned ability to practice various interpersonal skills. 

KIDS LEARN TO SWIM (Beginners and Intermediate) and STROKE DEVELOPMENT

FEE: $ 60 – 6 Week Term

Term 1 and Term 4

Water confidence is the key ingredient when learning to swim. These classes are designed for primary school aged children who are ready to build their water confidence and develop basic swimming skills before moving on to a focused approach to stroke development.

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