Meet Your Tutor

Sue Kelso – Yoga, Stretch Therapy
We increasingly lead busy and stressful lives.  Come along and treat
yourself to the deliciousness of a yoga class.  Sue is an experienced
teacher and specialises in yoga, hatha yoga, remedial yoga and stretch
therapy.  Learn classical techniques in order to stop the chatter in the
mind, stretch the kinks out of the body and relax.  Develop and integrate
your practice into your every-day life, and learn how to ‘be here now.’

Sue trained with IYTA, Yoga for Health (remedial yoga focus) and Kit
Laughlin (Stretch Therapy).  Sue’s first yoga teacher Diana Jarrett
fuelled her desire to practice and seek more.  Ailsa Gartenstein mentored
Sue through her teacher training with the International Yoga Teachers
Association (IYTA).